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Packaging Solutions



Tired of the increasingly higher dollar OEM printing and converting equipment?

Why not simply refurbish and upgrade your existing equipment for a fraction of a price while achieving the same results?


Converting Alternatives is your one stop solution for increasing throughput with your current equipment. We offer full machine overhauls as well as individual section rebuilds. To start, we will do a complete teardown of the equipment. Each shaft, bearing, and surface will be inspected and compared to OEM specifications. Items that are deemed faulty will be replaced.


During rebuilds, we can also upgrade your equipment. To do this, we replace worn gear trains with new servo technology.


Our more common Zerand platen die cutter upgrades include:


  • Low Inertia Lower Feed Roll Servo Upgrade
  • Metering Roll Servo Upgrade
  • Stripper Pin Cylinder Upgrade
  • Stripper Kicker Servo Upgrade
  • NEW "Tight Web" Cutter Servo Upgrade


Our common print line upgrades include:


  • Outfeed Servo Upgrade
  • Print Deck Servo Upgrade
  • In-Register Splicer Upgrade
  • Rotary Die Cutter Servo Upgrade
  • Load Cell Tension Control