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Packaging Solutions

Converting Alternatives was established in 2005 with the intent to provide a cost-effective, quality alternative to the current timely and expensive OEM support. To do so, CAI solicited prior OEM technicians and engineers to compose a bank of experience and knowledge. This network of technicians and engineers were then paired with teams of young, eager to learn, engineers. By doing so, the priceless knowledge of the senior OEM engineers and technicians was absorbed and expanded upon by the younger generation. This pair added a new dynamic to the industry and implemented new ideas to aging technology. A previously unsupported machine can now be supported as well as upgraded. This diversity and ability to adapt has made Converting Alternatives a favorite among its ever expanding customer base.


Our Focus

Our staff works closely with each client, assuring every automation, integration and service project conforms to their individual and unique specifications. A typical project involves a broad range of responsibilities, from initial design and development to assembly, testing, shipping and installation. We provide our customers with cost effective, expeditious and technically state-of-the-art turnkey solutions. That’s what we do… create customized packaging & printing solutions that will increase efficiency and cut your costs substantially.

At Converting Alternatives, our in-house electrical engineering department allows us to maintain a tight control of projects that could not be accomplished by outsourced design.

High Standards

Our customer service department is willing and eager to respond to your unique needs. Converting Alternatives' dedicated customer service representatives will provide correct answers to your inquiries, meet delivery schedules and follow up on the smallest details. Our commitment to customer satisfaction assures that your needs will be met in a professional manner. Converting Alternatives conducts business with the utmost integrity and ethical standards.